Be at the Forefront in Shaping the Future

The world around us is changing.  Regulations are becoming stricter.  New technology is introduced daily.  Our way of working is shifting.  Only by being in the forefront, by adjusting to the new customer needs and behaviours, by bringing more value to our customers, can we shape the maritime industry going forward.

Join our global team for a career filled with opportunities to solve challenges both small and large, local and global, simple and complex. Find out more about how our governing elements guide us in this work.

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    Looking for a new challenge? With land-based employees in 125 countries, the Wilhelmsen group offers diverse opportunities around the world.  Join our team and shape the maritime industry.

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    Looking to work at sea or offshore? Wilhelmsen offers opportunities across a range of vessels and maritime professions.  Join our team of more than 11,000 seafarers and shape the maritime industry.

Employee development


We believe empowered employees in an innovative, learning organization are our main competitive advantage and essential for future success.

As an employee in Wilhelmsen, you will develop both personally and professionally with on-the-job challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.  As a manager or leader, you get to meet challenges in local and global activities, and have the opportunity to participate in programs to develop your leadership skills.  Join us.

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